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Driving and The Weather in Georgia

February 1, 2010 1 comment

This past Friday, we had snow, sleet, and freezing rain in Northwest Georgia. Most of the schools got out between noon and 1:30. Our local school decision-maker, in all his wisdom, refused to let school out.

At about 2:00 they made the decision to let the kids who drove to school leave. At that point I was stuck in a snarl of people trying to pick up elementary school kids before school let out and people trying to get home from work on slippery and rapidly worsening streets. Talk about too little, too late.  I love the idea of allowing inexperienced drivers loose after the problems have already begun.

I picked up my DDs and drove up a very small hill in my Nissan Altima and almost couldn’t make it up a low grade because of the standing sleet. No matter that it was 33 or 34 degrees outside. When it falls fast enough it will stand.

The last kid left the high school where DW works at 5:45 pm.  The buses were all very late.  I did hear, however, that we didn’t have the worst of it.  One person I know had to pick up his middle school son at a county high school at 8:00 Friday night because the bus he was riding on finally made it there and they decided not to take the kids home from there.

I was angry enough because of the risks my family and I had to take, and we got out of town when it was still a little light out.  I can’t imagine having been that child’s parents, driving to the high school after dark when temperatures had dropped to below freezing.