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Scope Creep of the Wheel of Time

Robert Jordan was the author of a very good 8-book series. Unfortunately that series ran to 12 books. Even more unfortunately, Robert Jordan died while working on book 12. His wife and publisher, thank God, enlisted another author by the name of Brandon Sanderson to finish book 12. While the quality of the series suffered in the end, the story is still compelling. I want to know what happened to the characters.

Much respect to Mr. Jordan and his editor. I have never published one book, much less 12. His story suffered from something programmers call scope creep. It seems that as he became a more popular and successful author, his editor apparently became increasingly uncomfortable with cutting huge swathes through Jordan’s work. Most of the story is fantastic. Overall it is a grand epic. I also believe it could have ended a couple books ago if Jordan had kept the scope of his story within limits.

Now I am looking forward to reading the final book, The Gathering Storm (which I have borrowed from my library). The only problem is, this is NOT THE LAST BOOK. There are 2 other books Mr. Sanderson will be writing using Jordan’s notes. He said that the story could not possibly be finished in one book.

I have to agree with him, I guess. The only way the series could have ended in one book is 500 pages of bullet points. So I guess I will be reading this rather large tome and waiting for an undetermined amount of time until the second of three final books come out. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Jordan and Mr. Sanderson have in store for us.