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…and after that, the Judgment Hebrews 9:27

I hear about judgment all the time.  “Judge not lest ye be judged.”  (Matthew 7:2)  This is a popular sentiment amongst those who are guilty.  No one wants to be judged.  I know I don’t want to, especially when I’m wrong.  For one thing it messes with my sense of pride.  We as humans don’t like to say, “I was wrong.”  What this scripture talks about is people looking at the lack of holiness in others and using that as a way to call attention from their own problems.

Romans 2 also talks about judgement.   It tells us not to judge there, too.  Paul is telling the Roman church that they are guilty of many things they judge pagans for.  It isn’t for them to judge anyway.  God will judge everyone and use the same measuring stick on all of us.  Guess what?  Not one person in this world will measure up on God’s Measuring stick.  You must be this Holy to enter Heaven.  I know I don’t come up anywhere close to the line.

The first part of Romans 2 talks about Christians behaving as badly as anyone else.  Paul asks the Christians if they expect to be spared the judgment they pronounce on the pagans.  “Or do you presume upon God’s patience and long-suffering and kindness?”    God is kind.   God is long-suffering.  God is also holy.  God’s kindness is intended to draw you to repentance, not further into sin, presuming upon His kindness even more.

Everyone will be judged equally (v. 11).  It doesn’t matter whether you are in church every Sunday.  God will judge all men according to their works (v. 6).  This is not to say that what we do earns heaven, but if we can judge an apple tree by its ability to produce apples, God can look at the life of a person and will know whether or not they are truly Christians.

Paul ends the chapter talking about circumcision.  It is not physical, but spiritual.  He says the physically uncircumcised will judge the physically circumcised because the Law-quoting and judgmental Jews were giving lip service to Godliness.  The uncircumcised in this passage will follow God, rather than following the letter of the law and infringing as far as he thinks he can.  He lives by the spirit of the law, which is to say, a holy life.  Not according to man’s rules, but according to God’s principles.

I hope to be part of that uncircumcised group that follows God’s principles.  Lord, help me to be truly changed in you.

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  1. November 21, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Nothing to do with the your post, but this week my students were looking up vocab words and then trying to use them in a sentence based on the first definition they found and one of my freshman boys said “hey, you should go circumcise your hair.”
    We put that quote on the wall so for the next four years he’ll remember. 🙂
    Judgmental Christians do more to destroy Christianity than any other one thing I know. I can’t tell you how many people I know who will have NOTHING to do with church because of the way they’ve been talked to by Christians. I know one person I talked to said it’s our duty to tell people when they’re in the wrong. I disagree. I believe it’s out duty to live our lives as examples, to be a bible for those who won’t read, to get them to church, to talk about Jesus and share his love and forgiveness and the salvation story once an opening’s been given. God will deal with their hearts.
    Now, if they specifically ask, that’s a different story. And if they’re believers that’s a different different story. It’s not being judgmental to tell a fellow believer you’re close to that you’re concerned about them and their walk.
    Grandma was a perfect example. At her funeral Julie said something about that, and I thought it was especially telling that two minutes later some other family members saw a cousin with two small children walk in and they said “you know she’s pregnant again.” “not really a surprise there, now is it?” The same family members continued to talk bad about numerous family members walking in. It took everything in me not to say “I remember the first time you got married. My mom said it was a good thing that your wedding dress was a lovely mint green instead of white, considering. Did you wear white the second time?” Instead I walked away.
    Hey, you should check this out
    there’s even a place to type in verses and they’ll come up in Greek and read them to you word by word. Very cool.
    Love you!!!!!

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