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On action and adventure movies and also being a dad

My family and I went to see Ramona and Beezus over the Labor Day weekend.  Let me just say I loved this movie.

When we were considering what movie to see we considered seeing Sorcerer’s Apprentice but my wife and girls really had no desire to see it, even though my son and I kinda did.  Yes, we were going to the cheap movies.  I can’t afford to see new release movies anymore, but that’s another story.  My wife said my son and I could go see Sorcerer’s Apprentice while she and the girls went to see Ramona and Beezus.  We had approached the whole idea of going out as a family date, so I took a big breath and said, “No.  Let’s be together.  I want to see Beezus and Ramona, too.”  Yes, I even talk in italics.

So we got to the theater and watched a terrific movie about a little girl and her struggles with her sister and her rivals and her father losing his job and her mom going back to work and on and on and on.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  My adrenaline pumped just like in an action movie.

I remember liking these books when I was in grade school.  I knew Beezus, Ramona, Henry and several others I have since forgotten.  The story is not at all what I remember, but it caught the spirit of the books beautifully, if I recall correctly.

I was sitting there thinking about this movie and thought, action and adventure movies have nothing on being a dad.  And to me, that’s what the movie was about.  It was on being a dad from a little girl’s perspective.  As I said before, I teared up at several points in the film.  The world’s longest picture was one of those places.  Dad sat down in the floor with this little girl (sometimes a holy terror, but not on purpose) and drew a picture with her help.  It had all of her classmates in it.  It had the cat.  It showed the school.  I think the purpose of the picture was to show dad’s talent as an artist, but to me it showed a loving father taking an interest in his daughter.

That is something I have to work hard on.  I am soooooo tired from working all the time.  I sometimes just want them to leave me alone a few minutes when I’m at home.  But the need me soooooooo badly.  A little girl (or boy) needs her father’s love.  A touch, be it sitting on his lap and cuddling in the recliner, or a hug, or a pat on the head, is absolutely vital to the proper development, both emotional and spiritual, of a child.  Sure.  I’d sometimes rather be reading a good book.  But there will come a day when they would rather be reading a good book than hang out with Dad.  It will be those times when I can look back on what I did or didn’t do when they were little and see whether my contact with them and my life before them made the impact I hope it did.

My youngest daughter talks so much I sometimes think my ears will bleed.  I am guilty of not really listening to a lot of what she says.  I have two other kids who still like to talk to me, too.  I hope they don’t lose that desire to just sit and talk with me.  Moreover I hope I don’t pull that desire out of them.

Being a dad is not some boring chick-flick.  It is more exciting than all action-adventure movies put together.  It is more moving than anything ever nominated for best picture.  It is funnier than Abbott and Costello (or Jim Carey, take your pick) ever thought about being.

Kids, I love you more than words can ever express.  I hope over the course of my life to be able to not just tell you that but to show you that…and listen you that…and hug you that.

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  1. September 17, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    LOVE IT!!!!

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