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Peaks and Valleys

A message sent out from our church was talking about being on the mountain tops with God and how wonderful the feeling is.  The air is crisp and clean, you can see for miles, the sun is bright, etc.  The valleys you have to go through between the mountain tops are going to come.  The mountain tops are there to give us a goal or a memory.  A high point, if you will.

It occurred to me while reading this that mountain tops are incredible blessings from God.  It is while we are there that we are feeling close to God and the answers to our prayers seem nearly instantaneous.  God blesses us and blesses us.  The valleys, however, are not usually great times.

These valleys are long, dark places where the distance between God and us is very clear.  Though God is always right there beside us, it seems the distance is between our righteousness and his.  Prayers seem to be traveling at the speed of molasses in winter.  The rains come and we get soaked in problems.

Have you ever noticed that nothing grows on mountain tops?

The higher the mountain the less grows on top of it.  They are desolate areas with a great view.

The valley is where growth takes place.  My boss asked me yesterday if I wondered why we went through these times.  I said it was to make us stronger, to prepare us for something better later, or to make us better able to help someone else going through the same thing.  Valleys get the rain and clouds and the bad times of our lives.

Wonder what a valley looks like that doesn’t have these times of problems and stays sunny all the time?

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