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The Paralytic Converter

So here I sit.  I am surrounded by data.  Some of it raw data.  Some of it processed and redistributed to make sense.  Often times I sit here thinking about what to do next or what I want to do until it is too late to do anything at all.  That’s kind of what happened to some of my recent blog posts.

I want to put something out that people will enjoy reading.  I am torn though, between writing more in my book, writing something here, or critiquing someone else’s story or chapter for Critters.  And if I am going to write in my blog what do I want to write about? 

I usually don’t write much about my family life day to day.  I would rather use this space to expound upon what I am thinking about or something.  It helps me work through what’s in my head. (remember the comment on the penseive?) 

Lately I’ve been at my first job later so my second job keeps me later, though not by much really.  By the time I get home I want to do nothing but brush my teeth and go to bed.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really do enjoy both of my jobs.  They are very different with different kinds of stress.  I am counting down the weeks till I leave UPS and work only at Playfield.  7 weeks and 1 day, counting today.  7 weeks even if you include labor day off.

My mind has been churning around the number 40 this week as my birthday is Sunday.  I keep thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next 10 years.  Or even what I want to accomplish in the next year.  Those are worthy thoughts but continually thinking of them  can lead to fear or uncertainty.

I do look forward to more time spent with my kids and wife.  I look forward to being able to stay late at Playfield without feeling guilty toward UPS.  Truly, no man can serve two masters. 

It seems then that my problem lies in all the data that I have.  I need to whittle away the useless or unnecessary and go ahead and make decisions.  To continually accept the input and put off the output is referred to by some as the “Paralysis of Analysis.” 

It leads to a stopped up mental state.  It can also lead to writer’s block…or blogger’s block…or whatever you want to call it.  I have to just start putting pen to paper, as it were.  Write for the sake of writing.  When I let the ideas pile up I just crumple in paralysis.

So I’ll call this the Paralytic Converter.  No more waiting to see if I have a good idea.  Just write.  I can save it as a draft and edit later if I re-think it.  I will be doing at least one critique per week for Critters just to make me a better writer.  I will be writing more on my book.  If I don’t need it or it doesn’t fit, I still wrote.  And I can always use the idea in the future.

Darn it!  Another idea.  I think I have to write a short story now.  The title?

The Paralytic Converter.

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