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Leona Wisoker

I stumbled across a blog yesterday.  It was completely by chance that I saw a post on Freshly Pressed about writing.  I clicked the  “posts about writing” link and her blog was partway down the page.  Leona is a published fantasy author and is VERY forthcoming on the struggles of writing.  I haven’t read her first book yet but it’s on my list now.

Her blog led me to her site.  The site had some great articles about writing as well as some interesting articles about hooch.  The history of alcohol and its use in your fantasy setting.  Quite good.

The blog led me to some resources.  One of which is Critter’s Writers Workshop where people will critique your writing.  Do I want mine critiqued?  Yes.  I mean no.  I mean yes.  Not sure yet.  I did sign up and have three submissions in my inbox now and will be critiquing those to the best of my abilities.

Will the information she gives me help me get published eventually?  Who knows?  Will it make me a better writer?  I believe it will.  Regardless, I have found a person who will be a mentor, albeit one who doesn’t know me.  At all.  Really.

Leona, if you should happen to read this, thank you for your words.

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  1. August 16, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Thank you! I’m humbled and grateful that my little scritchings were able to help you. 🙂 Which reminds me, I’m overdue on another blog post … *wanders away whistling thoughtfully* ;p

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