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Firefly – The Cast

Well, it’s been a while. That’s what comes from working from 8 am to midnight every day. Not that I’m working less today, just taking time to do this. My home computer also died and I can’t afford to replace it yet. I refuse to get a computer again where the cost of the machine is supplemented by the introductory software (a.k.a. crapware) put onto the hard drive and is almost impossible to completely remove. So that leaves me wanting to get a good computer and I can’t yet afford it. Maybe next time I’ll share about the company I intend to buy from. Feel free to look them up. Click here.

Now on to the cast of Firefly.

Serenity – The Firefly-class transport ship. I included her in the cast because she really is like a member of her own crew. She is named after the battle of Serenity that saw the end of the war.

Mal – Malcolm Reynolds is the captain and owner of Serenity, played by Nathan Fillion. A former Browncoat sargeant, forced to take command of his forces due to the deaths of the officers. He is held in utmost respect by his subordinates from the war. His determination to make a living free of the Alliance caused him to seek refuge in the “black”. He is a man of strong personal morals who does things that seem out of that character but usually lets his conscience rule him in the end.

Zoe – The loyal second-in-command to Mal. She is married to the pilot, Wash. Zoe is very much in love with her husband. She is also unfailingly loyal to Mal. Once in a while these things come into conflict and it makes for some great tension between 2 cast members who usually get along pretty well.

Wash – Pilot of Serenity, husband of Zoe. Wash is a sometimes bumbling character (although never in his piloting skill) who loves his wife with his whole being and is quite jealous of her loyalty to and history with the “other man”, Mal.Jayne Cobb – He’s a selfish, womanizing, big-gun-loving, redneck from space. His selfishness causes him to sell out everyone but you get a sense that Mal and the others tend to bring out the best in him and may someday lead him to redemption. His code is Jayne first, Mal (distant)second, maybe the other crew members of Serenity third, then the others can hang themselves.

Kaylee Frye – The ship’s mechanic. She has never really received any formal training but knows instinctively what is wrong with Serenity. Her working on the ship is almost sensual in nature. She just about backed into the position as ship’s mechanic.

Shepherd Book – Played by Ron Glass, this spiritual leader is more than he appears. We don’t quite know (and to be honest, never do) what his history is. Why did he turn to the cloth? he seems drawn to the crew of Serenity and Mal in particular. I think he sees Mal’s honor and integrity and decides to focus it in a right direction.

Inara Serra – A Companion who rents one of Mal’s shuttles in return for giving some sense of legitimacy to Serenity. Inara and Mal love one another deeply, but are both unwilling to admit it. Inara, as a Companion, is a prostitute, but more. She visits clients based on where Serenity will be docking (or on-board) and sometimes provides them with a status boost just by appearing on their arm. Mal is constantly calling her a “whore” in order to try to push her away. It is also a twist on the part of his ideological bent that, although he is a morally upright man, he is in love with a prostitute.

Simon Tam – Ship’s Doctor.  Brought up in a very wealthy Alliance family (portrayed as a young man by Zach Efron), Simon is a very talented doctor.  He was provided with everything anyone could ask for.  He was smarter than everyone else exvept his sister.  Then the Alliance took his baby sister, River, away to a “very special school” for “very special kids”.  The letters the family received from River seemed wrong somehow.  Simon ended up breaking his sister out of the “school”  where she had seemingly bee tortured and experimented upon.  Much of the plot of the show involves the Alliance looking for Simon and his sister.  He and Jayne hate each other.

River Tam – Simon’s sister and resident psychopath.  This young lady was smuggled aboard Serenity without the knowledge of Mal.  The Alliance did things to her that made her seem quite schizophrenic.  We get a sense that they were helping her develop some sort of psionic capabilities.  We also figure out they were developing her into a weapon.  The Alliance really wants this girl back.

The cast works together in a very interpersonal way.  Each is very important.  The interactions between the crew make this show far more than the sum of its action sequences.  Even though the show lasted but a season, there is quite a bit of character development going on here.

Hopefully I can complete this look at Firefly in the next week or so.

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