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The passing of a Saint

The funeral for my Grandmother was today. The family who were by her side till her last breath said that it was more like waiting for someone to catch a bus or plane than waiting for someone to die. She had her ticket and was just waiting for her ride. Even as she passed on she was trying to win souls for her Jesus. She told the doctor in her last hours, “Doctor, I may be in the throes of death, but I’m in the arms of Jesus.” She turned 86 on Sunday and passed into eternity on Monday morning. Her 67th wedding anniversary was Wednesday. I want to tell you about the prayer she wrote on the inside of every Bible she ever owned. I know because I have the one she got from Grandpa for their 25th anniversary, I saw the one she got on their 19th, and the one that was in the casket with her at the funeral had it, too.

My Daily Prayer

Oh Lord, my God, Grant that my life
May be for others spent.
Let me not live for self alone
But to help others to thy throne.
And Lord, the greatest thing I crave
Is a ministry going beyond my grave.
Help me be humble, kind and true
And finish the work I have to do
And though I go beneath the sod,
May it be said, “She knew her God.
She was a child of prayer.”
                                        –Author unknown

One more thing; my grandma’s Bibles are all falling apart. Some may say that is a sign of disrespect to GOD’S WORD. I think, however, that it is a sign of the utmost respect for God’s Word. It is the sign of a life well spent searching the scriptures and spending time with her savior. My cousin’s husband said he figures she was waiting until Jesus came in and said, “Come on, Grandma Vanderburg. It’s time to come home.” And I believe He may have even called her Grandma.

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  1. March 22, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Perfect! Love you.

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